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Expert Consulting and Expert Witness Services

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ORC covers over 30,000 areas of science, engineering, medicine, regulation, and business.
ORC experts are peer-recommended, carefully selected and rigorously screened.

A sample of our 30,000 expertise topics (use the search above for full results):

 • 3D Digital to Adult
 • Advanced to Air Transport
 • All Aspects to Aquaculture
 • Aquafeed to ATEX
 • Audio to Automotive
 • Autonomous to Biological
 • Biology to Building
 • Bulk Metal to Career
 • CCTV (Closed-Circuit to Child
 • Childbirth to Clinical
 • Coagulation to Complementary
 • Compliant to Computer
 • Constitutional to Consumer
 • Contaminated to Cross
 • Crystal to Diabetes
 • Die Casting to Drug Discovery
 • Drug Regulatory to Electromagnetics
 • Electronic to Energy
 • Engineering to Ethical
 • EU & Medical to Financial
 • Fingerprint to Flowmeters
 • Fluid to Forensic
 • Forest to Genome
 • Genomics to Hardmetals
 • Hazop to Heterogeneous
 • High Efficiency to Human
 • HVAC Systems to Industrial
 • Infectious to Intellectual
 • Intelligence to Investigates
 • Investigative to Laparoscopic
 • Laser to Magnetic
 • Manufacture to Market
 • Marketing to Medical
 • Medication to Midwifery
 • Military to Musculoskeletal
 • Mycotoxic to Neuroinformatics
 • Neurology to Non-contentious
 • Nonwovens to Offshore
 • Oil to Organic
 • Organisational to Pain
 • Paper to Petroleum
 • Pharmaceutical to Planning
 • Plant to Polyurethanes
 • Portuguese to Printed
 • Printing to Productivity
 • Professional to Psychology
 • Psychometrics to Rail Accident
 • Real Estate to Residential
 • Respiratory to Rubber
 • Rumen to Semantic
 • Semiconductor to Software
 • Solenoid to Strategic
 • Strategy to Sustainable
 • Systems to Textbook
 • Textile to Transplant
 • Trauma to Valuation
 • Vascular to Water
 • Water-Borne to Woven
 • Writing to Yacht

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